Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cover Reveal for The Player and the Game!

So I got a copy of the cover for the second book in the Gibbons Gold Digger Series, The Player and the Game. I love that the designers went with the red background and dress. Looks caliente if I do say myself… just like the character, Stephanie Gibbons! The second book will be out Aug. 27th, but the first book, Can't Stand the Heat, will be in stores next month. :)

It’s business as usual for the infamous gold digging Gibbons women of Chesterton, Virginia. But this time, middle sister, Stephanie, may be the one getting played…

Stephanie Gibbons has finally hit the jackpot. Her new sugar daddy, Isaac, is loaded and treating her in high style. When he proposes, Stephanie is sure she’s set for life —- until she finds her bank account empty, Isaac gone, and a strange —- but very attractive—man following her.

Sexy P.I. Keith Hendricks has been tracking Isaac all along the eastern seaboard —- where the con man has left behind a trail of heartbroken, swindled women. But when Keith confronts Stephanie, he’s not sure if she’s Isaac’s accomplice —- or his next victim. The only thing that’s certain is his overwhelming attraction to her. And when Stephanie joins him on the hunt for Isaac, neither can ignore the sparks. Soon Stephanie is wondering whether true love is worth its weight in gold…

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