Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Novel Can't Stand the Heat is Available for Pre-Order!

So remember when I said that I embraced a new pen name as Shelly Ellis (formerly L.S. Childers) and started a new book series about a scandalous group of four sisters? Well, the release date is finally out (April 30, 2013) and the paperback and ebook are available for preorder!

Over three generations, the Gibbons women of Chesterton, Virginia, have built their reputation as a family of shameless—but refined—gold diggers. They even have a strict set of rules by which they operate. But the rebellious, youngest Gibbons is about to break them all...
Lauren Gibbons is committing the ultimate family betrayal: abandoning the tradition of seducing men for money. Nothing is worth the abuse she’s endured from her sugar daddy. Now a sous chef, Lauren is hoping to break from the past for good. And when she meets hot former NFL player Crisanto Weaver, she even lets herself imagine a future. But the small-town rumor mill—and her own sisters—aren’t ready for a new Lauren. Between her conniving relatives, her vengeful ex, a mountain of debt, and a whole lot of haters, can she escape her old life, and create something new?

You can pre-order the book at Amazon here!

My publisher hasn't posted a preview chapter yet, but you can find it at my new site here, or just go to www.shellyellisbooks.com.

I'll be posting in tandem here and on my new web site updates about stuff I'm doing to promote this book. I should be doing free giveaways soon. Stay tuned!