Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Don't call me L.S. Childers... call me Shelly Ellis!

So I posted last year that I was trying to find an agent. Well, the update is after more than a year of trying, I still haven't found an agent. (Boooooo!) But I found a publisher. (Yeeaaaaaaah!) I'm happy to announce that I was offered a three-book deal with the wonderful publishing house, Kensington Publishing Inc. I lucked out. This is one of the few big publishing houses that still accepts unagented submissions and I am forever grateful to my new, wonderful editor Mercedes for digging me out of the slush pile. I feel like I just won American Idol (*sniff, sniff). Two of the books are slated (for now) to come out in 2013 - the first will appear in summer 2013 under the penname Shelly Ellis. Yes, its happened very quickly but I'm hella excited! The waiting around period can be brutal so I'm glad it worked out. (*sniff, sniff)

The new project focuses of the lives and loves of a group of scandulous sisters. I've had a blast writing the series and I'm still cracking myself up as a plow through the rewrites even now. I hope you guys enjoy it too.

I'll have more updates about the book later this year as well as my new web site. :)