Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finally Seeing Your Book on the Shelf...

      Its hard to exactly describe that moment when you finally see a book with your name on it on a store shelf. Surreal is probably the best word. This is after years of picking up other paperbacks, secretly thinking, "Oh, come on! My stuff is better than this? Why are they here and I'm not?" It is after years of thinking, "I'm never gonna' get up here? Who am I kidding? Why lie to myself?" And then comes the day when you finally walk into a bookstore and see not one, but five -- YES FIVE -- copies on the shelf and its an awe inspiring, "aww shucks" moment. The circle is finally completed. No longer are you toiling away on your laptop alone, crafting a story that no one else will read. Your baby has gone out in the world.

 Good luck to all those aspiring writers out there who one day hope to see their own works on the bookshelf. Keep hope alive and keep writing!


L.S. Childers
(a.k.a. LaShell)

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